the only domestic instinct my parents have managed to pass on to me is the tendency to hoard multiple plastic bags in another plastic bag despite the fact that I will probably never need this many plastic bags in my adult life

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Showing your parents your report card like

Existing like
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This bridge has claimed more lives than any other.

What is his spine?

The color of the sky just before a storm open mouth kisses the ground.

What are his eyes?

These are the last words of a dying love.

What is “Please don’t call”?

In 1915, a woman screams this as she burns her bed.

What is “this was always how it was going to end”?

His mouth is this.

What is home?

This place is a black hole.

What is his apartment?

According to the bible, God made the earth in how many days?

What is seven days?

God made this when he made light.

What is us?

A soldier dies in the trenches in 1943. What is the last thing he writes down?

What is “I’m sorry. I want to come home. Please let me. The world is all mud without you”? - Caitlyn Siehl, Jeopardy (via alonesomes)
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did he really need you or did he just need someone? - one of the hardest things i’ve ever had to accept (via iwantto-disappear)
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person: but what if your parents had aborted YOU
me: well okay for starters i wouldn't have been forced to hear that stupid ass comment you just made
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